10 Ways You Can Use iPad for your business!

Your iPad isn’t just something to play games and listen music on, it was designed in a way that it integrates with the essential features of your business and helps you in managing the day to day operations. According to Apple’s official website you can now “uncover entirely new ways to create content, collaborate, stay organized and analyse data.”

In this article we are going to take a look at how you can use the new iPad Pro with iOS 10 complete tasks related to your business.

1. Use Microsoft Office on-the-go!

You can use Microsoft Office on your iPad now and carry all your documents with you. The large display of the iPad will help you scroll through all the Excel files easily. Whether it is an important contract or your Presentation that needs some last minute editing, you can use your iPad to complete your work on the go!

2. Short on time? Multitask!

You can now respond to all your emails while working on a Microsoft Word document, as the iPad has become more powerful with the iOS 10. Use Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft Excel and give commands simultaneously to your iPad.

3. Let your creativity flow easily!

When the iOS 10 pairs with with the Apple Pencil, your creativity gets to flow without any barriers. Use the Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro like a whiteboard, draw everything the way you have pictured it in your head! Whether working on a creative Ad or a new product, the iPad will facilitate your business work at every step of the journey!

4. Productivity combines with Flexibility with the Apple Pencil!

You no longer have to print your email attachments to review them or highlight the important parts. With the Apple Pencil, you have the flexibility of working on documents while adding your viewpoints or simply encircling the important parts!

5. Work Smart Not Hard!

Gone are the times when you put in hours and hours of work on a project, emailed it to your client, waited for the feedback and then continued to integrate the feedback in it. You can now interact with your clients in a more effective manner with your iPad, no matter where they reside. Get feedback instantly from clients while talking to them.

6. Video-Conferencing made easier

If you are stuck in traffic and are unable to reach your business meeting on time, simply use video-conferencing through several apps on your iPad. This also enables you to meet with your employees located in different parts of the world!

7. Share your files without worrying about privacy

Share any kinds of files or images with your employees with apps such as DropBox. Your files would only be shared with the people you want, that means you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues.

8. Access files saved on your PC!

iPad always makes accessing and editing files easier, if you forgot an important file on your PC you can access it using iDisk.

9. Stay on top of your day!

The ever changing world of business requires you to plan each and every minute of your day. Your iPad helps you do that. You can manage your schedule with the Apps you prefer and stay on top of your day.

10. Perform complex tasks without draining a lot of battery!

May it be working on spreadsheets, analyzing graphs and tons of data, the iPad won’t let you down because of its amazing battery life! Run all the apps that you want and make use of the latest technology to help your business flourish!

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