Guided Access: How to Disable the Home Button in iOS 10

Apple product, especially Ipads, has been a helpful instrument for creating a unique opportunity for personal learning especially young age, this makes research so cool and fast to handle, if you don’t have one kindly strive all the possible best to buy so that you won’t be missing the interesting things ought to enjoy.
Guided Access has been the best way out to restrict the way your iPad is being handled by friends. We have packaged very simple steps to follow in activating Guided Access mode:
⦁ You will click on the General option
⦁ Then you select the Accessibility
⦁ From the Accessibility, you will click on the Guided Access and turn it on
⦁ Lastly, Tap the passcode to enable easy turned off.
With this, your iPhone is fully yours.
The majority of iPad users don’t know most of the unique features the phone as with this they underutilize it. Here are some well-summarized steps to follow including pictures illustration, to deactivate the home button in iOs 10.
Step 1: open the Settings app

Step 2: Under the Settings select General

Step 3: Under General find and open Accessibility

Step 4: Below the Accessibility, you click on Guided Access

Step 5: Turn on Guided Access by swiping OFF, to the right

Step 6: After the Guided Access is ON, select Set Passcode

Step 7: In this features make sure you use 4-digit password, you can remember, then re-enter your Passcode a second time.
Step 8: Return to the home screen and open your app.
Step 9: To turn ON Guided Access within the app quickly tap the Home button three times.

Note: Under the screen, there is an option to turn Touch or Motion either ON/OFF, but by the default touch is turned ON, this enable the option to restrict the touch input on the screen area, this is been done by taking your finger and focus around the target area. Turning Touch OFF limits all Touch input on the screen.
Step 10: Once done, select start (on the top right) to return to your app.
Step 11: Lastly, to disable and stop Guided Access: Click on the Home button 3 times just as you did the other time and input your 4-digit Passcode and then select end (on the top left).